Goode Company Restaurants is a growing, family owned and privately held company that is committed to serving up authentic Texas – one plate at a time, since 1977. Goode Company Restaurants operates eleven restaurants, a successful e-commerce business, and a full service catering business, employing over 750 Texans. Goode Company Restaurants strive to be curators of Texas food and lifestyle and the company culture is considered to be a key to its success. It can be characterized as taking the people they work with as seriously as the food served because the company believes you need the best of both to fully honor the rich cooking traditions of Texas. Goode Company loves what they do and the people they share it with, on both sides of the plate. While the culture is casual, a very strong emphasis is placed on personal accountability and ownership (performance is measured; chronic nonperformers are redeployed) and on being true ambassadors for Goode Company. Employees are referred to as team members, and although individuality is valued, the vast majority of team members are enthusiastic, positive, resourceful, good team players and “winners” – successful at what they do. Goode Company Restaurants is unique to the marketplace because the restaurants are a product of the Goode family heritage, influences, and experiences. The customer experience is authentic and genuine – not conceptual or contrived. After all customer loyalty is their commitment.