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What Types of Food Gifts Do You Offer?

We offer a wide range of handcrafted Texas food gifts, including 10 distinct smoked meat packages, 13 gift box options, and numerous individually sold items. Look for mesquite-smoked turkey and brisket, slow-smoked barbeque ribs, flavor-packed sausage samplers, or even a full Texas Holiday Table. We offer roasted and salted pecans, honey-glazed pecans, assorted praline delights, decadent pecan pie, real Texas coffee in a brown bag, and special Goode Company spices and sauces.

How Do You Ensure My Shipment Arrives in Great Shape?

We pack top-quality ingredients into every bite of every food gift we make, and we don’t want any of that savory goodness to be lost in the shipping process. That is why we use our own customized packaging, which is tailor-designed for each one of our products. Vacuum sealing, for example, is used to remove excess air from sealed smoked meats and keeps them as fresh upon arrival as they were the day they left the smokehouse.

Do You Offer a Guarantee for the Quality of Your Products?

Yes. We are so confident in the care we take with our products that we do not shy away from guaranteeing they will be 100% fresh and delicious when you order them online. Whenever you place an order with Goode Company, we know that our reputation as a first-class provider of unbeatable Texas food gifts is on the line. We take care to deliver only the finest Texas cuisine so you will keep coming back for more.


Jeff in Houston

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I was looking for a special gift to bless my dinner host with at our family gathering. The savory smoked meat packages I found at Goode Company fit the bill.

Janice in Dallas

While I know how to cook a good Texas meal, I admit I have never had that special touch when it comes to baking pies. Therefore, I usually buy the best pies I can find for our Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's celebrations. The pecan pies I ordered from Goode Company were easily the richest and best that I and all of my dinner guests have ever tasted!

    What Kind of Occasions Lend Themselves to Food Gifts?

  • June 14, 2016
    [Posted on June 14, 2016 by Goode Company ]

    Any heart can be mended, melted or won over through food gifts. And we're not just talking about bringing over a casserole. When we say "food gifts" we mean award-winning specialties, neatly packaged so they look good enough to devour on the spot. Take your pick; you won't go wrong with either of these delicious choices.

    1) A "Thinking of You" Set of Barbeque Sauces:

    If you know someone who's recovering from injury or illness, or just in need of a pick-me-up, nothing is more encouraging than enjoying a grill session with friends and family in the sunshine. So instead of bringing flowers, bring one of Uncle Joe's Secret Gift Boxes to remind them of all the fun they'll be having soon.

    2) A "Let's Make Up" Praline Delight:

    Sometimes it's hard to find the right way to say "I'm sorry." In that case, let our signature pralines do the talking. Our pralines are so rich and hefty that they're almost impossible not to share. With a mouth full of sweet, creamy goodness drizzled over crunchy pecans, you'll both find it hard to say anything but sweet words of reconciliation.

  • January 12, 2016

Hand-crafted from time-honored family recipes

Top quality ingredients that are carefully selected

Texas-style slow smoking and food preparation

Cookin' Tools

Flame-tamed and smoke-certified.

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