Pecan Praline

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A pray-leen. Or is it prah-leen? Pronounce it however you please, as you’ll be at a loss for words once these sinful-sweet Goodies reach your lips. A Goode Pecan Praline isn’t your average dainty delicacy. Our pralines are truly Texas-sized, meaning they take more than a few nibbles to make it from one side to the other. Time well spent, if you ask us. Savor their rich, nutty sweetness as a personal indulgence, or consider them as a pecan gift idea for someone special. Choose either original or chewy.
Pecan Praline Candy: A History of Sweet Success

Legend has it that the world’s first praline was the confectionary calling card of seventeenth-century French diplomat Cesar du Plessis Praslin, whose personal chef perfected a technique of coating almonds in cooked sugar. A sweet treat for the ladies, Praslin’s decadent delicacies made their way throughout Europe and, a few centuries later, across the Atlantic to the banks of the Mississippi. French settlers in colonial Louisiana imbued the candy with their own Southern charm, swapping almonds for the region’s native pecans and thickening the confection with cream. We stirred up our own Texas-style version years later, and have been serving the same saccharine slabs ever since.

How to make pralines in Texas? Bigger, of course. We still hand-make every praline we package, carefully blending each batch of brown sugar, butter, milk, and Texas pecans to ensure proper proportions of creaminess and crunch. The result? Gobs of gooey greatness that’ll leave you tongue-tied with delight.

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   Pecan Praline, January 24, 2015  By YVONNE HAYES (SOUTHFIELD, MI)
Absolutely delicious.

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