Our Beginnings

It started with a little red barn in the heart of Houston.

With no restaurant experience and very little money,
we began to transform an old barn-style eatery into our first bona fide location. By our way of thinking, what Texas barbeque ought to be: fresh food at an honest price, made to please and made to order.

It was hard work. Most nights, Jim Goode and his uncle, Joe Dixie, slept at the Houston restaurant, waking up every hour to check on the brisket.

One slept inside, one outside, and they kept a shotgun nearby to protect the meat, the equipment, and themselves (in that order). On slow days, Jim would head out onto Kirby Drive, sandwiches in hand, and invite people in to sit for a while.

It didn’t take many sandwiches before word of mouth was traveling faster than folks could swallow.

And it certainly didn’t help that the whole street smelled of mesquite—the hardy little tree still piled outside our restaurants, and the same wood we’ve been smokin’ the Goode stuff with for years.

It doesn’t stop with our barbeque, either—
fajitas, fresh seafood, homegrown heirloom vegetables—the flame-kissed flavor of mesquite has threaded its way through every one of our menus since Jim famously served the city its first mesquite-grilled fajitas at our original Goode Co. Taqueria.

Our Food

As a family-owned and operated business, we take the craft of serving the finest Texas fare very seriously—and very slowly.

In fact, our barbeque pits haven’t stopped smoking since 1977—
because we figure when you’re in it for the long haul, no shortcut’s worth taking.

That’s why barbeque’s only the tip of the tongs when it comes to our Goode grit.

From slow-smoked meats to fresh Gulf seafood, watering holes to honky-tonks to urban haciendas, each of our restaurants across Houston is a way to pay tribute to our family traditions—and to the folks who made it impossible for us to ever go anyplace else. They’re family, too.

Join Us

We work to share and preserve a way of life that honors our roots, respects our neighbors, and reflects the rich abundance of our region: the salt of the Gulf. The soul of the South. The spice of the border. And that sweet smoke of Texas.

Explore Our Concepts


Mesquite-fired meats, cooked low and slow.


Mesquite-fired meats, cooked low and slow.

Our Goode Co. Barbeque boasts tender brisket, sausage, ribs, and more—the tried-and-true family classics we’ve been dishing out for decades, slow-smoked and hand-rubbed with our secret blend of herbs and spices.

The Original

5109 Kirby Drive


Highway 290

20102 Northwest Freeway


8911 Katy Freeway


Fresh Gulf seafood with a splash of Creole.


Fresh Gulf seafood with a splash of Creole.

At Goode Co. Seafood and Fish Camp, fresh catches mingle with signature dishes shaped by years spent fishing up and down the Gulf coast.


10201 Katy Freeway
Suite 400


2621 Westpark Drive

Fish Camp

8865 Six Pines Drive


Where Tex and Mex meet mesquite.


Where Tex and Mex meet mesquite.

At Goode Co. Taquerias and Kitchen & Cantinas, we fuse Mexican dishes from our abuela’s kitchen with the smoky staples of a South Texas ranch.


Kirby Drive

4902 Kirby Drive

Kitchen & Cantina


9005 Katy Freeway
Suite 150

The Woodlands

8865 Six Pines Drive, Suite 150
Shenandoah, Texas 77380

The Heights

1801 Yale Street
Houston, Texas 77008


One-of-a-kind experiences that bring Texans together.


One-of-a-kind experiences that bring Texans together.

Whether we’re serving up live music and a meal at our downtown honky tonk, or quenching folks’ thirst with our traveling bar cart, we toast to the times that make us scoot our boots, raise our glasses, and thank our lucky stars we’re in Texas.

Armadillo Palace

5015 Kirby Drive


Wherever the wind blows you

Our Journey

You won’t find a flavor quite like Goode Co.’s anywhere. That’s because our food is our story.

One that traces our family’s beginnings back to Virginia,
and follows the trail through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Mexico, and Texas.

Today, the dishes we serve are based around our fond family memories.

Inspired by the colorful historias of our grandmother, by youth immersed in Cajun lore and coastal waters, and by countless nights spent stoking the campfire—with only the crackle of meat and the hum of cicadas for company—our food celebrates the simple rituals and pleasures that led us to life in Texas. Hunting. Fishing. Planting a garden. Pickling the vegetables.

And serving it all the only way we know how—with a song and a longneck and good neighbors aplenty.

Our Promise

Every dish we serve shares the same rare ingredient: time.

Just the idea of a hurry leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth.

So before the rooster even crows, we’re pulling loaves of jalapeño cheese bread from our ovens. Or stuffing four different types of sausage. Or, because we think every piece of meat deserves a proper dose of personality, we’re blending barbeque rubs and seasonings in-house—and shipping longneck beer bottles chock-full of sauce to transplanted Texans who just can’t quit the stuff.

Prove It, You Say?

Point is—food that’s slow-smoked, scratch-made, and handcrafted daily—well, it tastes better. It feels better. And boy, does it smell better.

Whether we’re splitting mesquite for our smoker or cracking pecans for our pies, we honor the same commitment to craft as the generations before us. The only thing we won’t sacrifice to put the best food in front of you? The time it takes to do it right.

It’s an honor, Houston.

Even today—four decades, a family of restaurants, and countless mouthfuls later—we’re still filling the plates of those first few patrons who helped us find our feet. Because we still stand for the same thing: good food, done right.

Thanks for coming along.

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