You never know what you’ll stumble across when you amble into a Goode Company eatery.

Walls bedecked with black and white photos of cowboys. A collection of soft leather saddles. Cheeky hand-painted signs. A twenty-five thousand pound propeller. If there’s one thing we’re certain you’ll never find, it’s a gas or electric grill. We couldn’t work one if we wanted to. That’s because barbeque’s next to nothing without some serious smoke, and Jim Goode was raised on food cooked over mesquite – the hardy little tree that covers most of south Texas. This wood smoke’s deliciously distinct flavor has been Goode Company’s carnivorous calling card for years – but not just our barbeque’s. Seafood, fajitas, burgers, you name it – we smoke it all over the sweet-smellin' mesquite you see stacked outside each restaurant. If you miss it, don’t worry. One whiff a mile away and your nose will start salivating before your mouth even gets a chance.