Back in ’77, we opened a little barbeque place in the heart of Houston.

With no restaurant experience and very little money, we began to transform this old barn-style warehouse into our first bona fide location. By our way of thinking, what Texas barbeque ought to be: fresh food at an honest price, made to please and made to order.
It was hard work. Most nights, Jim Goode and his uncle, Joe Dixie, slept at the restaurant, waking up every hour to check on the brisket. One slept inside, one outside, and they kept a shotgun nearby to protect the meat, the equipment, and themselves (in that order). On slow days, Jim would head out onto Kirby Drive, sandwiches in hand, and invite people in to sit for a while. It didn’t take many sandwiches before word of mouth was traveling faster than folks could swallow. Even today – 40+ years, ten restaurants and countless mouthfuls later – we’re still filling the plates of those first few patrons who helped us find our feet. Because we still stand for the same thing: good food, done right.