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How Do You Prepare Your Smoked Brisket?

Our smoked brisket is hand-seasoned with our very own signature rubs and then slow-smoked for hours. We use Texas mesquite wood for an authentic Texas flavorthat is unsurpassed, and we keep the meat constantly moist during cooking by using the brisket's native fat to its full advantage. Our grill and smokehouse experts have years of experience perfecting the art of brisket-smoking, and we are sure you'll agree once you try it!

Why Not Just Make My Own?

While you may have developed some barbeque skills that yield home-cooked brisket of incomparable taste, there are still some good reasons for ordering your smoked brisket from Goode Company:

  • Occasionally, there simply isn't enough time to prep and smoke your own.
  • We have special spices and sauces that give our brisket a unique and delicious flavor.
  • We have 38 years of experience in producing consistently perfect brisket every time.
  • We deliver your order to your door, on time, and in perfect condition. Contact us today to schedule an order.

How Do You Select Your Meat?

We insist on using only the choicest cuts of meat that are perfect for smoking and grilling purposes. Ongoing quality control ensures you receive nothing but high quality food products and ingredients, and we carefully watch over the meat during the cooking and handling process. We are confident that you will taste the superior quality of the meats we select. Tasting is believing!


Jeremy in Austin, TX

I didn't have time to smoke my own brisket for my 40th wedding anniversary bash, nor could I have managed to cook so large a quantity of meat without great difficulty, having only basic barbeque tools. Goode Company came to the rescue, and their brisket literally melted in our mouths like butter!

Anne in Miami, FL

I used to love eating my grandfather's smoked brisket, but I had not had a bite of good Texas brisket for years. Longing to remember old times and not having the experience or time to cook it myself, I ordered smoked brisket from Goode Company. It was incredible and brought back many old memories!

    Tips for Preparing Smoked Brisket That Melts in Your Mouth

  • December 12, 2015
    [Posted on December 12, 2015 by Goode Company]

    Brisket is one of those regional dishes that have made the South a culinary destination. Smoky, flavorful, and most importantly so tender that you barely need to chew — true southern smoked brisket is a tradition that is cherished and passed down from generation to generation.

    So what separates a “decent” brisket–one which fulfills the basic textbook requirements–from a spectacular one?

    1) A Willingness to Invest Time

    The best brisket requires plenty of love. This means it needs to be smoked slowly and gently for hours to bring out the meat’s full flavor profile and render it so soft it’ll melt on your tongue.

    2) A Refusal to Cut Corners

    While electric grills may be more convenient and easier to maintain than a traditional smoke pit, a true barbeque master will never take the easy way out. The best brisket is full of the smoky goodness that can only be obtained from high-quality wood and is impossible to replicate with a grill or (heaven forbid!) a crock pot.

    3) A Determination to Do Things Right

    While the world is constantly changing, we uphold our values and principles in cooking up a quality smoked brisket.

  • November 12, 2015
    [Posted on November 12, 2015 by Goode Company]

    The star of traditional Texas barbeque is smoked brisket. Texans like their briskets to be cooked over low heat for hours, infused with smoke from a wood fire, and covered in bark (the distinctive, dark, crusty, chewy outer layer that’s worth fighting over when done correctly).

    No two briskets are identical; each varies in size, shape, weight, fat and other elements. Add in the challenges of smoking it under conditions that may be windy or cool, and producing a perfect brisket is no easy task.

    While it may be more art than science when it comes to smoking a brisket, there are a few tips to help smoke a brisket the Texas way.

    Trim excessive fat

    While some fat is necessary to add flavor and help the meat retain moisture during the long cooking time, there’s such a thing as too much fat. If the outer layer of fat is too thick, it won’t be fully rendered when the rest of the brisket is at its prime. Opinions vary widely, but about ¼” of fat seems to be a good rule of thumb.

    Rest the brisket before carvingThe same principle that applies to steak is true for brisket: let it rest before slicing. It gives the meat time to absorb the juices and keeps you from losing all of the flavor and tenderness that you’ve worked so hard to get. Know how to slice the brisketBrisket should always be sliced against the grain. Aim for slices that are the width of a #2 pencil for the lean portion, while the fatty part of the brisket should be sliced the width of a fat pencil. If you don’t have the time and equipment to smoke a brisket, Goode Company has you covered. The family-owned and operated company has been turning out true Texas brisket since 1977 and has perfected the art of smoked brisket. Goode Company ships its briskets to homesick Texans and those who want to experience a Texas smoked brisket for the first time and see what they’ve been missing.

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