Goode Company BBQ

The inventor of Texas swing, Leon "Pappy" Selph just may have been the best fiddle player who ever lived.

Back when we were dishing out our first plates of barbeque at our restaurant in Houston, Pappy would serve up his jaunty Texas toe-tappers to the tune of sixty-five bucks and a bottle of Jack (he always took the whiskey up front). At the end of those long evenings when Jim Goode handed him the money, Pappy quietly returned it to Jim’s shirt pocket. He told him, “Jim, things’ll get better. You just stick with it.” And stick with it Jim did. Now with three thriving locations, Goode Company BBQ restaurants in Houston still serve the same time-tested, scratch-made and mesquite-smoked Texas barbecue goodness that got us started. Because if we learned anything from Pappy, it’s that hard work, kind words, Goode sauce (and a little whiskey) will always keep folks coming back for more from the best BBQ restaurants in Houston.